Profit Card

Profit Card is a new initiative by us. Infact it is first of its kind in UAE, through which we guarantee profits to companies, who possesses it.

Why “Profit Card”?

People have so much got used / glued to Credit Cards that their Mindset is tuned to C/F mode, MPD (Minimum Payment Due) mode, super-leverage, restructuring etc. Instead of the LIFT, they simply Shift / Drift. A standard wallet has 4-5 Credit Cards. A great technology which got started to provide Convenience and EASE has now turned into Dependence and Disease.

We want our Profit Card to outweigh these Credit Cards and make people start realizing not only the higher profit and better cash flow BUT also pull them out of this C/F (carry forward) mode.

We believe in Simplicity, hence keeping the Rules simple for its applicability.

How will it Operate?

The procedure is simple, secured and from the first point of contact, the connectivity is built between you and us.

You can call us at our Hotline number or Register it Online. The physical delivery of the Card is to build its identity and our commitment to deliver guaranteed profit. Every Profit Card purchase will accompany our Engagement Letter, General terms of Business and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). The entire process is made simple as outlined below –

Our Profit Card Unlocks Your Company's Real Profit



It's not about how much we know; it's always about how much we share and learn.

Every Action of ours is actually the culmination of our sharing. So, either we share or we just know.

Survey is such an opportunity to "share and learn".

We have made the theme of this Survey "To Know & Grow Your Business".

Knowing the Time Constraints, we have designed it in 2 levels - A Shorter Version (10 minutes only) OR A Detailed Version (1 hour)