ERP Implementation (+Integration & Right Solutions)

ERP Implementation is a big decision for any size of the organization at any point of time as it requires multiple resources, not only money but also the time and human resources. It brings in a major shift – skills upgradation, big data, automation, real time reports, security, flow etc. It brings in a structure where you have to follow a process without fail and gradually make everyone’s approach a professional one. But at the same time, one need to be realistic about the fact that ERP comes with huge costs.


The journey to ERP always starts small; a start-up organization picks up any software to meet their needs based on the selection by their junior executives. Short sighted data gathering starts from then onwards.

Sometimes organizations jump to ERP “TOO EARLY”. Instead of ERP they can achieve better efficiency, control and security by adding customizable plug-ins in their existing softwares.

  • A small organization may need very basic softwares
  • A medium size organization may need integrated softwares with customization

Some goes “TOO SLOW”; the cost just shoots up.

Many decides to go “TOO FAST” and they let everything crash or under utilized as they complete the implementation without proper planning, data correction, testing, training etc.


Even Amazon size company, when they acquire large companies in other countries, they have to go through a major updation / upgradation and this process may be 6 months – 1 year long. That’s why it is important from the very beginning i.e. the start-up time, to ask ‘what if we upscale’, to fulfill future requirements and link the below accordingly.

What We Bring On Table?

Our Team has learnt from their mistakes so that you don’t have to go through any types of mistakes. Majority of the people experience the following –

  • Wrong study of own requirement
  • Over expecting from your own team
  • Wrong selection of ERP
  • Wrong Pricing
  • Wrong Contract
  • Failed Vendor
    • Shortage of team
    • Lack of expertise
    • Diverting time to other projects
  • Wrong Implementation
  • Own team not ready for change management

When we participate in ERP Implementation process, we understand the necessity of a broad framework where all the functions’ process-flow and reports-flow are well embedded and from this framework, one can easily find out à

  • Which functions / processes get benefits / uplift
  • Cost savings area (say, due to automation and removal of redundant processes)
  • The value of future benefits (cost-benefits analysis)
  • Where, what and how much resources will be required
  • Where data and skill upgradation required
  • Stages of completion

L-U-D-I-F-Y (Let Us Do It For You)

It is an Investment and it works like an Insurance for your huge Investment.

Hire us as your Chief Consultant for ERP

We start in a very simple way. We apply the below 4 criteria to decide our next plan of action –

  • Where does your organization stand?
  • Who all i.e. Who’s who?
  • What is your requirement?
  • What current softwares are you using and to what extent?

The above will help us in identifying your multiple GAPS and take the right decision for your benefits.

As the Chief Consultant,

  • We MAP your requirements as per your Business Model
  • We study the various short-listed systems with their constraints
  • We MATCH the above two, to get you the Right Solution
  • We identify the Right Plug-Ins with proper Integration
  • We select the Right Vendors
  • We analyze the Team in our model, for the two phases viz. ‘During’ and ‘After’ Implementation
  • We celebrate with you on successful deliverables


It's not about how much we know; it's always about how much we share and learn.

Every Action of ours is actually the culmination of our sharing. So, either we share or we just know.

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We have made the theme of this Survey "To Know & Grow Your Business".

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