Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics (BDA) has lots been talked about, discussed about and craved about. Our take on BDA is totally different and through our approach we are breaking the boundaries of data, data size and data horizon. We are transforming functional data into simple data. We are changing the entire scope of data analytics into Predictive Force and Automated Intelligence; from the post mortem to proactive action; from “Reports to Alerts” to “Action to Results”.

Imagine a situation where Reports are not needed any more and Results speak by itself. An enterprsing note over here is critical – When you can’t figure out if “Results are driving Action or Action is driving Results”, to reach to such a stage, at every level / function, people should become “Profit Responsible” and this new energized responsibility should direct the Data.

“Directed Data, Responsible Data”

Every activity doesn’t result in a transaction, but every transaction has an activity behind it. In present age system, what gets captured are transactions “Transaction – Field – Table”. Data is actually part of this process. It is the end result of a transaction. It has no life.

“We tweak it into Actionable Data”

The system which you have got used to is working on constraints as it performs as per defined rules / parameters. So, the data from which you choose to perform BDA is actually “limited data”; you can very well visualize now what results you are deriving from BDA.

“Our model works on Possibilities, which knows no boundaries”

If you take the bird’s eye view, most of the corporates doesn’t even meet the very basics of Data Management –
  • Data Path is not defined
  • Data Purpose is not clear
  • Data Matching concept is not known
  • Data is entered with clerical errors
  • Data Framework is not designed
  • Data Identity is ignored
  • Data completeness never happens seriously
  • Data flexibility is forgotten

In the above scenario, how do you expect the best results our of BDA. Even if some companies due to their brilliant minds working for them generate master class reports, the time and efforts will be multi-fold.

“You may talk about Data Universe, we talk about Universal Data"

All Roads Lead To Big Data Analytics OR Big Data Analytics Will Decide All The Future Roads



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