5Ps (Purpose - People – Product – Process – Profit)

We work on 5Ps flow to deliver guaranteed profit to you.

Why     – Purpose
Who     – People
What   – Product
How     – Process
WOW  – Profit

You will certainly notice the difference in our approach, as we further elaborate it as below –

In the above standard flow, People are normally being considered as Employees only. But actually Employees are just one part. The faster you realize it, the faster you will grow. Please look at the below table, employees are the just the first part and their relationship with 2nd and 3rd part actually decide the level of your success –

The quality of the left (First two parts) determines the health of the Right

The quality of the Right determines the Wealth and Relationship of the Left (First two parts)

The employees develop connection on two important aspects viz. (1) Relationship; (2) Values & Culture. There are many other factors and many spoilers which come into play. But the biggest challenge is Within the Organization itself. Four critical factors have to be in Sync to generate the Best out of your employees –

  • Intention
  • Expertise
  • Time Availability and its Quality
  • Internal Environment (Culture)

Next comes the Product. The product is a multi-layered item in this entire flow and should be driven by the Purpose of the Organization. It is the key element of any business. It is one thing that connects the company with the market, without which the company will cease to exist. We distinguish between the two different approaches of Product journey –

It changes as per Market’s demand


It changes the Market’s demand

For everyone Product is something what sells outside but for us, Product is something what sells not only outside but also within an Organization. What sells and what doesn’t sell, everything matters. Product is what leads to Actionable Data and it is constantly evolving.

Process is what make things move.

For anything to flow,

For anything to happen, you need a Process.

Lots of hidden and untapped areas are there within an Organization’s 100s of processes and we make this possible –


We have a totally different take on Process. It needs to pass through the test of 3 attributes –

We don’t talk much about Profit. We deliver guaranteed profit. We encourage the below –



the more you will Talk, better will be our Walk and let our Performance and Results do the Talking.



It's not about how much we know; it's always about how much we share and learn.

Every Action of ours is actually the culmination of our sharing. So, either we share or we just know.

Survey is such an opportunity to "share and learn".

We have made the theme of this Survey "To Know & Grow Your Business".

Knowing the Time Constraints, we have designed it in 2 levels - A Shorter Version (10 minutes only) OR A Detailed Version (1 hour)