Why 800Profit?

800Profit is a path-breaking and one of its kind product, applicable for all the companies across industries – across globe.

We deliver Guaranteed Profit.
We help them attain their Real Profit, which may be multi-fold from their current level.

800Profit is available at two levels –
1.It is the one and only Hotline number in UAE FOR YOUR PROFIT
2.The domain is available for all our global customers to have Real Profit Experience


Tax & Compliance

VAT Compliance is the most critical area making companies exposed to higher risks. We make companies gain through VAT Claims and avoiding Penalties.

Business Service Outsourcing

Our amazing “Scan to Reports” Professional Accounting Services is the game changer. Transform your Book-Keeping (BK) into Business Knowledge (BK)

Customizable Profit Model

Its unparallel and non-competitive features make it stand out. “Try Everyone, then Choose Us”. Key elements –1) Profit Card; 2) 100⁺ points Checklist; 3) GRIP Model; 4) Guaranteed Profit

Anonymous Solution

Miracles happen from beyond your Ignorance and when someone is invisible. Our Anonymous Solution miraculously make you attain your Real Profit, Multi-fold.

Business Model Designing

Are your running your business OR your business is making you run? Design your Business Model through us and drive your business growth.


Brainstorming is an Art and it involves a complete science of gathering consciousness and dreams of multiple Key functional players in a company.“Attain your Real Potential”

Purpose, Vision and Mission:

It is always about a Dream, a Story and a Narrative.

Purpose – Why – It guides

Vision – What – It Dreams

Mission – How – It Drives

Our Purpose is “To make companies and individuals realize their real profit and real potential with Ease.”

Let’s get Closer and Real


We provide all Videos

Our Videos will cover Knowledge Sharing by Experts, Our Talks, People talking about their Profit experiences and our Clients’ Testimonials
Give Take Accept


We take this as our responsibility to Educate you on certain Concepts from being ‘Just Ignorantly Aware’ to “Its Real Applicability & Benefits

Non-Disclosure Agreement

In the present times of fierce competition and changing technology, where everyone is trying to outpace and outsmart others, the core element of human relationship, which is TRUST, has got downgraded.

Profit Improvement

Profit Improvement (P.I.) is a new concept which is newly introduced by us. We asked many CEOs about it and they simply said that it means “Our Profit Grows”. But from the below explanation, it will be clear that there is much more to it.

Our FACTS Sheet

We believe in Genuinity and complete Transparency

We are happy to share our progress with you as it happens.

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Website Traffic

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No. of Customers:

25 k

Profit Committed:

25 k

Profit Delivered:

25 k

VAT Business:

25 k

Accounting Services:



It's not about how much we know; it's always about how much we share and learn.

Every Action of ours is actually the culmination of our sharing. So, either we share or we just know.

Survey is such an opportunity to "share and learn".

We have made the theme of this Survey "To Know & Grow Your Business".

Knowing the Time Constraints, we have designed it in 2 levels - A Shorter Version (10 minutes only) OR A Detailed Version (1 hour)